ES6: arrow functions

Jan 15, 2016

ES6 provides a new way to create functions using the => operator. These functions are called arrow functions. Arrow functions have a shorter, more concise syntax.

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ES6: spread operator and rest parameters

Jan 6, 2016

The ES6 spread operator and rest parameter is represented by the ... token. The usage of this token will determine if it’s a spread or rest operation.

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ES6: default parameters

Jan 2, 2016

ES6 provides a new syntax to assign default values to function parameters. You might be familiar with this concept from languages like Ruby, PHP or C++ and it’s about time that this was baked into the language.

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ES6: let and const

Nov 10, 2015

ES6 introduces the new let and const keywords. Up until ES5, Javascript only had function scope and global scope. The let keyword makes it possible to declare block scoped variables.

This blog post explores function scope, block scope and how it relates to the let and const keywords. It also briefly discusses something known as the Temporal Dead Zone (TDZ).

Before we get to block scope let’s talk a little about function scope.

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New blog

Feb 22, 2015

I finally took some time out this weekend to create a new blog. I was initially using octopress but it had way more features than I needed. I decided to go with Jekyll, a simple static site generator.

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